Duration: 3 weeks

Situated in Westfields Avenue, Barnes, the homeowners were eager to revamp their home, transforming the property interior from a minimalistic cottage to an urban family retreat. We completed the tiling package for the home’s transformation, reinventing the bathrooms and kitchen of this modern home.

From our initial conversation through to the final touches, we sourced & supplied samples, provided email support and developed a programme to ensure we completed works conveniently.

Both bathrooms were meticulously tiled by our team, with warm and stylish tiles being paired with bespoke lighting to create a modern finish. In each bathroom, geometric and natural tiles have been used, serving as a subtle but striking design backdrop for each room.¬†Grey floor tiles have been laid to achieve the kitchen’s appeal, providing a subtle background for the bold lighting and furniture.

elevate the space. This colour palette extends upstairs to the bathrooms, where large sash windows provide natural light, complemented by white walls and dark blue doors, creating a subtle yet elegant look. The bedrooms have been painted in varying shades of cream to break up the interior space while seamlessly transitioning from one room to the next.

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