Tate Britain | The Squash


Direct Tiling Group employee grouting tiled box for the Squash exhibition


Tate Britain is an art museum in the City of Westminster, showcasing stunning exhibitions and contemporary art pieces. Tate Britain approached Direct Tiling Group to craft the tiled background for Anthea Hamilton’s art exhibition ‘The Squash’

white ceramic tiles laid on floor with ornaments on tiled boxes


Before arriving to commence works, we hosted a free consultation session with Tate Britain to ensure we understood the enabling principles, identified any concerns and outlined how we could help.


From erecting the plinths to grouting the boxes, preparation was paramount in achieving a seamless finish. Over 7,000 white ceramic tiles were laid to span the length of the Duveen galleries to serve as both the platform for the Anthea Hamilton’s performers and as the casings of the tiled structures. 

Take a look at Johnson Tiles article on Anthea’s exhibition. 

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