We carried out tiling & stonework in Runpath’s Office in London. 

Office in London with a tiled kitchen area
Kitchen area of London office tiled
Tiled Backsplash in kitchen of London office


This project included both stonwork & tiling work. To begin we examined the design specification required by Runpath and established exactly which tile design they wanted. Once this was decided, all project materials were sourced. For the stonework, we fabricated the stone and cut it to the precise design requirements. This was then installed by our professional team. Whist to achieve the tiled result, we carried out our standard tiling process, which included covering all surrounding services. Then, we applied adhesive, laid the tiles and allowed them to dry. This was then followed by an expert application of grout to the tiles in the kitchen area.

“Amazing! We’ve used several tiling companies in the past, but they simply do not compare”.