Canbury Avenue, Kingston

Duration: 3 weeks

Located in Kingston, we carried out interior tiling works to this spacious bathroom space. The owners wanted to refresh the bathroom with the addition of tiles – removing and replacing the existing ones.

The owners had already made a decision on the tiles that they wanted for their home – solely installation was required. Following acceptance of our quote, our tilers were inducted and ready to start within a few days.

The bathroom has been meticulously tiled by our team, with neutral and stylish tiles being paired with bright coloured walls to create a modern space. The bathroom has been laid length-wise with plain tiles to create a subtle but striking design backdrop for the bathroom.

Canbury Avenue 9
Canbury Avenue 8
Canbury Avenue 7
Canbury Avenue 4
Canbury Avenue 2
Canbury Avenue 1
Canbury Avenue 5