Duration: 3 months

Located in SW1, No.6 Buckingham Gate is a luxury 15,000 square feet mansion, arranged across seven floors, neighbouring Buckingham Palace. In 2018, TAI United Holdings Ltd, an international investment holding company, secured the home intending to reinvent the property. Alongside our sister company, Direct Painting Group, we completed the interior tiling and re-decoration of the property.

TAI United Holdings Ltd required a fast-tracked project to ensure the home was ready for the new tenants. Following our initial consultation, we developed a complete programme of works to ensure delivery, without compromising on quality; and prior to commencing we arranged a site clearance and protection of all furniture and surfaces.

Luxury is at the core of this home’s appeal. In line with this principle, natural marble has been meticulously installed in each bathroom of the property, effectively creating a stylish and timeless look. Patterned gloss tiles have been used in the entrance and hallway spaces balancing the home’s elegance with an abstract look.

Buckingham Gate 2
Buckingham Gate 1
Buckingham Gate 3
Buckingham Gate 6
Buckingham Gate 5
Buckingham Gate 4
Buckingham Gate 9
Buckingham Gate 8
Buckingham Gate 7